Seoeun Yang
Character Information
Gender Female
Occupation Daughter of Yeopchun's Leader
Affiliation Yeopchun
Zen Yes
Family Father
Mother (deceased)


Seoeun has short hair.


Seoeun seems to have a carefree attitude. Unlike her father who deeply cares about Yeopchun, she only fights for fun and to get stronger. She doesn't seem to care about the hatred between Yeopchun and Honghan as she befriends Mina Kang, and has a crush on Minkyum Kang.




Seoeun's Zen is shown to be extremely strong. Stronger than Irene's or Gihyun's. She seems to be considered "a warrior that comes around once in centuries."


Minkyum Kang

She has a deep crush on Minkyum Kang because of his determination in a fight. She proclaims that he is her darling or boyfriend. Seoeun Yang has officially challenged Irene Bitinghop to be Minkyum Kang's girlfriend.

Irene Bitinghop

Seoeun Yang has challenged her to a match to be Minkyum's girlfriend.


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