Irene Pon Bitinghop
Character Information
Gender Female
Occupation Martial Arts Major
Affiliation Honghan
Zen Yes
Family Minkyum Kang (fiancee)
Debut Match. 1


She is very curvaceous-flame and well-endowed breast. With long hair going down to her waist with short bangs. She is seen wearing her school uniform.


Irene shows a soft side when it comes to Minkyum. But isn't very happy went she seen him kissing Seoeun Yang.


Yooho Kang has written a oath to Irene about Minkyum and the marriage in the future. She is shown to play alot with Minkyum in the past.She blames herself for Minkyum's loss of Zen and memory due to her curiousity of the Sacred Book.



Irene's Zen is not as strong as Seoeun's and Eunbi's but is still quite strong.


Minkyum Kang

Eunbi Son

Hyunkyung Kang

Mina Kangbi Son


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